About Me



Simon is the founder and CEO of Pain Science Taiwan. He’s currently undertaking a Masters by Research degree in Adelaide, Australia under the world-renowned professor in pain science Lorimer Moseley. Simon is part of the Body in Mind (BIM) research group and is on the board of executive officers in The Critical Physiotherapy Network (CPN).

Simon graduated with a bachelor in physiotherapy from Denmark in 2009 and is determined to change the world and the way we think about and treat pain. He has a motto saying:

“In theory, everybody should be able to obtain a life without pain”

He has continued his education and undertaken multiple courses and training in manual therapies, exercise rehabilitation, communication as well as read countless books and research papers on topics related to pain and rehabilitation.  He believes that he is always a student and that the way to become the best possible practitioner, educator and researcher is by continuously challenging his own ideas and thoughts.

Simon has a very pragmatic and logical way of addressing pain and his approach is based on latest evidence. He has a thorough understanding of physiology, biomechanics as well as human psychology and communication, where especially cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and a Socratic questioning style has become a big part of his daily work with persistent pain patients. When working with patients he strives for a significant pain relief within the first session to provide the patient with the hope that their future is not set in stone and that change is possible. He is very cognizant on building a strong therapeutic alliance and he is committed to delivering a patient centered environment in which his patients feel safe to voice and challenge their fears. He is determined not to create dependency or induce fear in his patients but to offer treatment where the patient can develop an understanding of pain and skills which help them manage their life’s, minimizing or resolving their pain. Inspired by Louis Gifford the goal is the restoration of physical and emotional freedom and thoughtless, fearless and painless movement.

With his extensive background in the rehabilitation of pain, he is able to zoom out and appreciate each client as a unique individual or ecosystem consisting of body, mind, and soul, affected by a wide range of factors within the biopsychosocial framework. This meta-perspective combined with a solid understanding of science and research has in clinical practice provided thousands of patients with a life of manageable pain or pain-free existence. Moreover, hundreds of health care professionals working with pain have taken his courses on a practical understanding and application of pain science and improved their business and patient outcomes.

He has written articles, done interviews, given lectures and participated radio shows and is viewed as an expert in the field of pain rehabilitation. He is known as the man with a lot of questions and in some cases, also the answers. When Simon isn’t studying, improving his work or expanding his knowledge, he enjoys spending time with his one-year old daughter and family.