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A better understanding of pain may prove to be one of the best decisions for you both as a health care professional or as a client as for how we understand a problem.
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The rapid development in our understanding and treatment of pain places health care professionals in a difficult position where it is almost impossible to keep up with the scientific progress. For a very long time, it has been proposed that chronic pain was something that should and could only be managed. That a person suffering from pain should learn to live with the pain and prepare oneself for a life with limited options.

This understanding is outdated! We now know that pain is not a fixed sensation that people are doomed to live with. Pain is complex and this complexity offers many possibilities and hope for the sufferer of pain. Understanding the complexity of pain is very important because if the pain is addressed solely as the result of tissue damage or pathology this leaves no hope for the people experiencing pain for months or years.

All pain should be treated and all pain has the possibility of resolving or becoming less intense and debilitating. Really understanding pain not only enable you as a health care professional to provide optimal care but being able to explain pain to the patient is also a proven effective treatment.

Pain Science Taiwan offers courses which focus on the HOW.

  • How to understand the complexity of pain.
  • How to apply modern pain science into clinical practice?


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