Most people think that injury is the cause of pain and pain that occurs when we have an injury but the pain is always a complex phenomenon with bio, psycho and social contributors. All pain is complex also the pain that seems simple and easy to understand. Even in situations where we get injured and experience pain there is much more going on than what meets the eye. Our experiences in the field of Pain science, will help you to a painless life.


Pain Science Taiwan strives to be your preferred go-to expert in the field of pain science, presenting the contemporary understanding and new scientific advances.


Courses & Lectures

A better understanding of pain may prove to be one of the best decisions for you both as a health care professional or as a client as for how we understand a problem.


Pain Treatment

The belief that pain equals harm can be helpful in the acute phase of an injury or trauma as it helps the injured person to protect the painful and injured body part.



Our suggestion to the way out of pain involves:

  • - A therapist who understands your pain and are able to teach you about pain
  • - A treatment where you as a client are active participant
  • - A treatment that aims to make you independent and independent


We train and encourage professionals to:

  • - Understand pain from a biological, psychological and social perspective
  • - Have strong communicative skills and enhance placebo while avoiding nocebo
  • - Have tools to provide safe, confident and competent treatment

Locating the Pain

Planning a treatment

Follow up on the treatment

Implement it to your life


We view and understand the human and the body as an ecosystem, where many different factors play into our well-being, life and pain experiences. Each ecosystem is unique and so is how it adapts and reacts to the stresses of life. Imagine you have a cup and if this cup is filled with water you experience pain. The water is a metaphor for threat which can come from in the form of a bad night sleep and increase in immune activity (biological) or depression and the belief that your body is weak and fragile (psychological) or being unhappy about your working environment and fighting with your friend or spouse (social). If the water overflows with water you experience pain somewhere in your body. This metaphor helps us develop a nuanced view of why we can have pain despite the fact that there is no injury.


After two conversations and training with Simon, I have been painless for three months, started running, cycling for longer trips (without back pain) and for the first time in years I have signed up for cycling and swimming events.

Thank you for your insight and sincere interest in getting me back on my feet Simon.

Palle Kristensen,


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